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Alaskan Original Beadwork !

Earrings and Keychains

*NEW* Feather earrings!*NEW* Feather earrings #2!*NEW* Feather earring! #3!

I hope that you've enjoyed my samples! If you have any questions, comments, or would like to place an order....Please feel free to email me ! I WILL get back to you !

*NEW* Feather earrings #4!*NEW* Wood Bead earrings!

blue loop earringslavender earringsarrow earrings

I will be happy to make any of the hand-beaded items in YOUR favorite colors!

Please allow a full seven days for shipping your delivery from Alaska!

keychains *Hematite*

*Please add $4.00 shipping and handling to your order*

*New* keychain designs! *Hematite*

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